Ekaterina about the Master Degree in City, University of London

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Katya, tell us about your experience of studying abroad!

I'm from St. Petersburg, and before joining an English University, I received a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from SPbSU. In England, I studied at the City University, University of London for an MA in Investigative Journalism.

It was a very intense course compared with many others in the UK, as we had to study every day from morning till night. Most of my classmates were British, out of 20 people, only three of them, including me, were foreign students. I didn’t manage to create a special friendship with the British students, with few exceptions, but I became friends with people from other countries. Due to the fact that the programme was very rich and it was necessary to spend all my time studying, there was no time left for other activities. However, I really liked my time studying there.

I liked the prospects that opened for me after the graduation from the university and I liked the established culture of communication between students and teachers. But there was something that I didn’t like: there were no subject choices and everyone had to learn the same thing, despite different interests.

My main advice for applicants is to learn English well and visit England before moving to study there and to see if you feel comfortable in the country.

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