How can I win a scholarship for studying abroad?

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Here are my 5 tips on how to win a scholarship from an international university.

  1. Preparation, preparation, preparation. Find a list of all relevant scholarships you can apply to. There are scholarships from non-governmental organizations, British Council grants, scholarships from universities themselves, funds, etc. So, research online, and thank God for Google!
  2. Apply to all scholarships that you are eligible for according to the selection criteria. Do not limit yourself: many universities consider students for scholarships even if they have average marks, the main thing is that the average score should be higher than 4 out of 5. Remember the proverb “nothing succeeds like success.” Receiving even one small scholarship will greatly help you when you will apply for the next.
  3. Make yourself a table with all the deadlines for scholarship applications and ensure you submit everything on time!
  4. Ask at least three people to proof-read your motivation letter. It’s always best if one person knows you well (e.g. a close friend), one other is not too aware of your life (e.g. distant friend), and the third is well versed in the sphere where you are applying. By doing so, you will get a more objective assessment of your motivation letter.
  5. Carefully select the people you pick for recommendations, so they best support what you’ve written in you motivation letter. A mediocre recommendation can overwhelm even an excellent motivation letter and CV. Find examples of correct recommendation letters and be sure that the people who give you the recommendations will approach this task responsibly.

And one bonus one: believe in yourself! Know that you can accomplish any feat you put your mind to!

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